“I feel the need, the need for speed.” — Maverick

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Experience the thrill of intense, high-flying action with the most exciting open-world jet combat game out there!

MEISHU: SKY UNTESTED is a groundbreaking AAA-rated game that combines the excitement of multiplayer aerial combat and third-person shooting. It is built on the Unreal engine technology and leverages blockchain technology to provide an immersive gaming experience.


Meishu's collection includes a broad spectrum of playable assets including 3D jets, aircraft parts, weapons and cosmetic skins. The collection also features a virtual hangar management system that allows players to upgrade their fighter jets with parts such as wings, engines, cockpits, and weapons, simulating the experience of being an aircraft mechanic. Each part can be upgraded using advanced technology and weapon systems to improve the jet's performance.

Game Modes

Battle Game Mode
Step into Meishu’s post-apocalyptic arena and experience intense and fast-paced battles.  Showcase your strategic prowess and dominate with a wide range of weapons, vehicles and equipment to help you eliminate your opponents. Designed to be both fun and competitive, with rewards in-game currency $MAP
Experience a post-apocalyptic world like never before in our open-world game mode set in a sprawling archipelago.  Explore the MeishuVerse and take on challenging missions to earn valuable in-game rewards while navigating the treacherous terrain of this mysterious and deadly land. Compete against other survivors in contests and competitions to prove your worth and rise to the top of the leaderboard. Meishu’s unique environment, filled with radiation and mutated enemies, will test your survival skills to the limit.
Test your skills against other players as you compete for unique and rare NFT prizes. Participate in a series of elimination tournaments and climb the ranks based on your performance. The higher you rank, the more exclusive the NFT rewards you’ll unlock. Showcase your abilities, tactics, and teamwork as you progress through each round. With different levels and challenges, you will have to adapt your gameplay and strategy to climb the leaderboard and claim the rarest NFT prizes.
Experience enhanced live match viewing. Users can keep track of player and team standings in real-time, place bets using $Map in-game currency, and engage with other viewers through a chat feature. The platform also offers the ability to switch between different camera angles for a more immersive experience. In addition, players can purchase in-game items to show support for their favorite teams. The prize pool is distributed among the winners of the matches, providing an added incentive for players to compete.
A high-speed game mode that immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world, where they will have to showcase their piloting skills to navigate through obstacles, avoid enemy fire, and outmaneuver opponents to cross the finish line first. The races are designed to be short, quick and accessible, so players can jump in and out of the action at any time. The mode is both fun and competitive, with rewards given to the winners in the form of in-game $MAP tokens. These tokens can be used to upgrade  jets, purchase new equipment, or enter into more advanced races.

Goexanimo will provide high-level esports consultancy with a hands-on approach to everything related to the esports side of the project: from event planning and administration, to broadcast production, game testing, and assistance in creating effective UI and GFX solutions for esports data and interface showcasing.

Flying with the best

NOT YOUR AVERAGE AIR-COMBAT GAME. Team Meishu has partnered with a former fighter pilot and Top Gun instructor to deliver a cutting-edge, realistic, authentic flying game. The combination of the pilot’s expertise and our team’s creativity aims to push the boundaries of gaming possibilities and leave players feeling under the control of a jet fighter.

Achieving Economic Sustainability in
Play-To-Earn Gaming

Our solution offers a comprehensive approach to economic sustainability in Play-To-Earn gaming, addressing the issue of instability and inflation caused by uncontrolled token distribution. We introduce a dual-token ecosystem, where $MEISHU serves as the governing token and $MAP as the in-game currency. This design, developed with sustainability as a top priority, integrates the most compelling aspects of token systems to provide a simplistic and sustainable approach.

MEISHU Tokenomics

Meishu Will Operate A Dual-Token Economy.

$MEISHU – governance token

The Importance of Meishu in the Ecosystem: Meishu plays a crucial role in the ecosystem by providing a means of acquiring $MAP and NFTs from the marketplace. Which creates a steady demand for the token, contributing to a well-maintained market value. Meishu is a pivotal component in the ecosystem, acquiring in-game assets and adding value to the overall system through its seamless integration with multiple blockchains and NFTs.

Incentives – purchase $MAP / purchase NFTs / purchase subscriptions for Battle Pass and NFT Rental/stake and earn.

$MAP-Ingame currency

Players can acquire the resources necessary for success in PVP battles by purchasing in-game items such as jets, fuel, nitro boosters, and toolboxes using $MAP . This currency can be obtained by exchanging Meishu tokens or achieving various in-game milestones, participating in world events, and performing well in PVP matches. As a player or non-player, $MAP provides access to various customizable options for enhancing gameplay and improving performance in PVP battles. Additionally, accumulating $MAP through various in-game activities offers the opportunity to advance and reach new levels within Meishu.

$MAP holds value both within the game and in the real world; it’s exchangeable for Meishu tokens, which enables trading on cryptocurrency exchange platforms and adds extra weight to the currency. With $MAP as the currency of choice in Meishu, players have a valuable tool for maximizing their gaming experience.